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Factors that affect the price of customized gas cooktops

One: production cost There are hundreds of parts involved in customized gas cooktops, and the materials, specifications, designs, etc. of each accessory have different performance characteristics. The selection of different types of parts will directly lead to changes in the cost and price of customized gas cooktops.

How long does a good price and quality gas cooktop last

The service life of a good price and quality gas cooktop is generally about 6-8 years. If you pay attention to maintenance during use and operate in strict accordance with the correct method, the time that can be used will be longer. For example, the hose of a good price and quality gas cooktop can be tested and replaced in one to two years to prevent air leakage.

What should I do if the low price gas cooktop does not catch fire

If you suddenly find that the low price gas cooktop fails to catch fire, don't worry, go through the following steps to investigate the cause. 1. Check the valve switch Check whether the main valve of the gas meter and the front valve of the low price gas cooktop are normally opened. 2. Verify that the area is out of gas Consult the community property management or pay attention to the information of the gas company to find out whether the current area has been shut down due to gas emergency repair or other reasons.

Tips for buying a good price and quality gas cooktop

1. Purchase according to gas source Depending on whether the gas source is natural gas, artificial gas or liquefied petroleum gas, good price and quality gas cooktops that need to be purchased for different gas sources are different. When purchasing, it can be identified according to the marked model, for example, a good price and quality gas cooktop with model "JZ12T2-A", "J" stands for household use, "Z" stands for stove, "2" stands for two-eye stove, and "T" stands for natural gas. If the letter is "R" it means artificial gas, if it is "Y" it means liquefied petroleum gas.

Carefully choose gas cooktop from China

1. CCC compulsory product certification management is implemented for gas cooktop from China. It is recommended that citizens choose products marked with the CCC logo and produced by regular enterprises when purchasing. They must recognize the brand of the product, carefully check the nameplate logo on the packaging of gas cooktop from China, and pay special attention to whether the CCC mandatory certification logo is marked.

Precautions for the use of gas cooktop from China manufacturer

1. Control of combustion conditions: When using gas cooktop from China manufacturer daily, you should observe the combustion conditions. If yellow flames and black smoke appear, you can adjust the stove damper adjustment plate in a timely manner according to the instructions in the manual until a clear blue flame appears.
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